Eliminate ticket routing issues and slash your MTTR by up to 50%

Empower your incident management with prediction, solution templates and more.

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Lightning fast incident diagnostics

Benefit from smart systematic diagnostics based on past data and machine learning. Never lose time again because of wrong root-causing.

Resolve all your root-causing troubles with:

  • Pattern matching technology that looks at all your successfully resolved incidents and learns from them.
  • Real-time smart routing that automatically identifies the root cause and best solution to incidents as they come in.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities that allow you to dive into your incident data and run your process faster.

Comprehensive solution templates

Discover the solutions that worked best for every type of incident. Document them as best practices and deliver them directly to your engineers.

Reach solutions faster with:

  • Data-driven templates containing the most commonly applied solution tasks to successfully resolve any incident.
  • Information-rich Action Cards that give engineers the necessary context to solve problems more effectively and efficiently.
  • Granular performance tracking of the resolution process for a better understanding of how your solution groups work.

Single view of the entire incident lifecycle

Gain unified insight across ticketing and issue tracking systems. Discover new possibilities for performance analysis and improvement.

Gain new insight into your incident management with:

  • Powerful data exploration capabilities for in-depth performance analysis of incident types, solution groups, or the entire process.
  • Modular reporting dashboards that can answer any performance-related question in incident management.
  • Simple drag-and-drop KPI and SLA designer that lets business users create and change performance metrics and goals on the fly.

Guaranteed impact after 12 months of usage

Decrease in wrong incident diagnostics

Decrease in Mean Time to Repair

Seamless integration across all leading incident tracking and ticketing systems.

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Cupenya helps you track incidents across customer hotline and issue tracking systems in a singular view. It only takes a few clicks to get started!


What our partners say about Cupenya

“Cupenya Insights applies analytics to help businesses identify bottlenecks in their business processes and optimize their operations. Its ease of use and ability to connect to disparate back end systems should make it easy to adopt and help our customers achieve immediate operational benefits.”
Mary Tafuri, Director Cloud & Mobile Ecosystem Development at IBM
Mary Tafuri
“Analytics is no longer the preserve of strategists, operationally it is must for business success. Providing insights into enterprise workflows, Cupenya Insights is a technology that can assist enterprises in the realm of operational decision making and error prevention.”
James Crawford, Lead Solution Architect EMEA at SAP
James Crawford

Smart Routing: How to Discover Shortest-Path Incident Solutions

Developing a product centered on driving operational improvement, we realized that taking the shortest path is always the right solution to increasing speed and efficiency.

Leading KPI: Measurement That Sets You On The Way To Improvement

Most process improvement initiatives and their success are decided by the performance measurements that precede them.

Cupenya named in Gartner® EBPA Market Guide

“This recognition from Gartner is a cornerstone in the life of our young and ambitious company”, says Cupenya CEO Dominik Blattner.

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