Predict your operational performance. Run faster.

Boost your shared service processes with proactive decision support.

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enterprise performance.

Become a smarter working organization by extracting the hidden knowledge from your IT landscape to start delivering a better experience to your customers. Cupenya is your business analytics solution that's fast to deploy, easy to use and makes you run faster.

Opportunities for value

Business analytics for data-informed organizations

Implement proactive decision support

Apply prediction to maximize workload planning and avoid unforeseen incidents.

Increase process and workforce efficiency

Eliminate duplicate work, operational mistakes and bottlenecks to ensure short queues and low waiting times.

Continuously add and adapt performance metrics

Embrace Continuous Improvement methodologies to keep your workforce performance optimal.

One browser plugin, all your data.

Browser Data Plugin

Our simple browser plugin delivers all information from your browser-based system interfaces, allowing you to directly measure performance from almost any system and without any technical implementation.

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What others are saying

“Cupenya Insights applies analytics to help businesses identify bottlenecks in their business processes and optimize their operations. Its ease of use and ability to connect to disparate back end systems should make it easy to adopt and help our customers achieve immediate operational benefits.”
Mary Tafuri, Director Cloud & Mobile Ecosystem Development at IBM
Theo Priestley
“Analytics is no longer the preserve of strategists, operationally it is must for business success. Providing insights into enterprise workflows, Cupenya Insights is a technology that can assist enterprises in the realm of operational decision making and error prevention.”
James Crawford, Lead Solution Architect EMEA at SAP
James Crawford

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